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Firearms Property

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Insurance for Pro-2A Americans and
the Firearms Industry

Delta Shield provides specialized insurance coverage that meets the needs of firearms instructors, retailers, range owners and responsibly armed Americans across the nation.

That's why we've partnered with like-minded firearms and self-defense industry leaders to develop insurance solutions that protect individuals and businesses and the livelihoods of those with the biggest impact on the safety of everyday citizens.

Delta Shield is supported by the most trusted names in the
self-defense, firearms training and insurance industries.

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Delta Shield products are built to meet the needs of businesses and gun owners alike. As a leader in the firearms industry, we understand that cookie-cutter options at other insurance companies aren't right for you. We pride ourselves on being the trusted experts that individuals and businesses rely on to protect against the unique risks and challenges they face. Our customized line of firearms insurance products provides you with the flexibility you need to continue doing what you do best.

Firearms Property Insurance

Protect your firearms and firearms accessories from loss, damage,
theft, fire and more.

Personal Firearms Liability Insurance

You are a responsibly armed American, but you need to be protected if,
God forbid, an accident were to occur.

Firearms Instructor Insurance

High-quality insurance coverage created by firearms instructors, for
firearms instructors.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Get quality workers' compensation insurance coverage by partnering
with underwriters who have expert insight into the firearms and
shooting sports industries.

The Delta Shield Difference

Our company is built on a solid foundation of American values. That means we believe in the
God-given rights of every person and actively foster an equally important, uniquely American
value: individual responsibility.

As a pro-2A company, we understand the unique challenges you face - personally or
in your business - so our entire line is designed with you in mind.


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