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Delta Shield is a pro 2A insurance agency designed to offer property and casualty insurance solutions to businesses associated with self-defense training and the firearms industry.

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Firearms and Self-Defense Instructors Liability Insurance

Business owners need general liability insurance to protect their businesses from outside liability claims. Examples include (but are not limited to): bodily injury claims and claims for property damage.

Suppose a mistake were to occur in the course of training, or an instructor’s teachings/curriculum are found to be negligent. In that case, the instructor could be held liable as they are a professional providing the service/knowledge.

To provide proof to ranges and retailers they work with that they have insurance coverage.

No. If you have a written contract with the location requiring you to name them as an additional insured on your policy, they will automatically be considered an additional insured.

Because the gun range is taking on additional risk by having an instructor teach a class at their location, the instructor needs insurance to add additional coverage to themselves and the range.

Medical payments are payments for third-party injuries resulting from your business operations, regardless of your legal liability. For example the slide of a gun cuts a trainee’s hand, and the cut requires stitches.

This coverage protects the policy owner against infringements on their business or personal rights. Examples include libel, slander, or copyright infringements.

Universal Fire & Casualty Insurance Company (UFCIC) is the insurance company that issues the policy. They determine if the risk/business is worth writing, take on the risk, and payout claims if need be.

The Firearms and Self-Defense Instructors Liability Coverage Form can be viewed here .

Email [email protected] or call 833-763-4248. You can also access the printable application here.

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Our support team is here to assist you Monday – Friday, 8 am – 9 pm, and Saturday, 8 am – 4:30 pm Central Time.